The next-gen of Innovation Leaders

Innovation Leader


  1. Position held by a person who has ultimate responsibility for all innovation and technological processes of a company.
  2. In Startups also known as CIO
  3. Corporate Superhero 2.0

Having taken part in more than 500 projects across 5 continents over the past 15 years, we've had the honor of meeting countless Chief Innovation Officers from different industries.

And we can proudly say that we have a job that allows us to have for a client a new kind of real-life superhero who was born at the beginning of this century, when digital transformation became a hot topic following the accelerated growth of new technologies.

As innovation experts, we witnessed from the get go how these early-day CIOs typically responded to disruptive opportunities by focusing on the digitalization of specific-domain processes and operations and it became our priority to find new frameworks in order to facilitate our client’s job. But as the years went by, we started to realize that the pace of change in consumer demands and the evolution of technologies were far greater than the speed at which companies were able to react.

So, we asked ourselves: how can we help CIOs accelerate the pace of internal innovation?

It was then that we pioneered an innovation approach designed to bring innovation to every corner of a company rather than limiting it to a single team. Innovation must be seen as a collective entity, impacting the entire organization.

Today, the global context has once again put us to the test with a scenario that many of us thought could only happen in a science fiction movie. But instead of freezing out due to fear of the unknown, we're more motivated than ever, and after years of experience we are so ready to take a leading role and guide our clients to shift and evolve into what we kindly call The Next-Gen of CIOs.

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Three new chromosomes that the NEXT-GEN of Innovation Leaders will develop in the next three years

  1. Chromosome Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility
    Companies will begin to restructure internally according to the new operational demands, and the Innovation Leaders may expect more accountability so they can bring the startup mindset to new territories. Therefore, their new responsibilities will include areas related to data protection and regulations, new business and opportunities for new revenue streams, and corporate venture investments as part of an acceleration strategy. It is not wild to think that in the coming years, the Innovation Leader will become the compass of the company, head to head with the CEO.
  2. Chromosome Chesbrough*: The rise of open innovation
    Over the years, our experience working with innovation has shown us how crossing the boundaries of a company can accelerate innovation times, and in many cases reduce years of learning and costs. New disruptive models of open innovation will emerge as The Next-Gen of Innovation Leaders will move forward to create cutting-edge value propositions in partnership with competitors or companies from different industries. Also, they will increasingly be encouraged to build spin off companies outside of their parent corporation.
    For this chromosome to fully develop, Innovation Leaders must strengthen their startup mindset and rely on partners who can also understand how to speak both languages: corporate and entrepreneurial.
  3. Chromosome Bee: Less cookies, more honey
    The new generation of Innovation Leaders is facing a new challenge: the rebirth of a cookie - less world. GDPR, as well as regulations from tech giants will make measuring digital marketing activities increasingly difficult. Given this scenario, first party cookies will turn into gold and companies will have to design clever honeycomb strategies to engage consumers into sharing their information. For this reason, in recent years we have prepared to support Innovation Leaders to meet this challenge by developing design methodologies that allow us to reach users with value propositions based not only on their needs but also on generating trustworthy ties.

Are you a Next-Gen Innovation Leader? Are you facing everyday the challenge of transforming ideas into tangible impact? Don't worry, we got you covered. Let 's talk!

*Henry Chesbrough: educational director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation at Berkeley Haas. Innovation thought leader who launched the "Open Innovation" paradigm.


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