Welcome to DMO Lab

DMO Design Company turns 15 years old this year, and we’d like to celebrate with the launch of our DMO Lab, a space where we will share the projects we are working on, as well as content related to the latest trends in innovation and design. Welcome to the DMO experience!

Who We Are?

If this is your first time visiting us, we’d like to take the opportunity to briefly tell you who we are and what we are about. The three founders –Martín Boschetti, Martín Ries Centeno and Cristóbal Papendieck– met back while studying Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires and in 2006 we founded our company. Currently our offices are located in Buenos Aires while we have partners in Mexico, the United States, Chile and Spain. During this 15-year journey we have built a community of over 100 clients and completed a total of 500 projects carried out on five continents.

Our specialty is applied innovation, so we see ourselves as strategic partners with our clients, co-creating together to find concrete solutions that meet their unique needs. When designing products and services, we focus on the users and the positive impact each design will have on their quality of life.

DMO also offers innovative workshops that can be used as a work dynamic throughout different stages of a project for both startups and established companies. We’ve coined this methodology “iWorkshops”. We have also implemented Innovation Sprints, whose main goal is to accelerate the strategy, development, and validation processes for new ideas, projects and MVPs.


Track Record

We collaborate with global companies and startups from various markets, mostly related to health, pharma, IoT, technology, agribusiness and consumer goods.

Our first major client was Medix, the Argentine company that is a market leader in the manufacturing of medical equipment. They contacted us to design a phototherapy lamp. We continue to work for the healthcare sector, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic during which we developed an intensive-care respirator for the company Leistung that is being used to help people cope with the impact of the pandemic.



Another project we are proud to share is MeUp. It is an app that helps kids and teenagers who are organ donor recipients, lead a healthy life thanks to the playful user experience provided by the app. Also linked to technology, was our work for the tech startup Oliver. Together, we co-created an intelligent device that can predict performance and prevent injuries in soccer players.


What’s next

In our next installment we will tell you about our latest project, a product system aimed at generating an immersive audiovisual experience at Casa Batlló in Barcelona. This project showcases the collaborative spirit we value at DMO as we work together with an international and multidisciplinary team.

Want to know more about our products and services? You can visit the Work section at our website and come visit us at our DMO Lab space every week.

Our goal is to use design and applied innovation to improve quality of life. This inspires us to continue innovating and desiring to share our creative experience with the world. Follow DMO’s current creative projects and read about the latest global innovation trends here at our DMO Lab.

We hope to see you again soon!


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